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18 Sep 2023

A Royal Launch

HRH The Princess Royal launches a unique educational programme at the River & Rowing Museum.

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Specific Dates:
30 Apr 2024

Redisplay of Sir Steve Redgrave Portrait

We are proud to announce that we will soon be redisplaying Justin Mortimer’s portrait of Sir Steve Redgrave, following a loan by the Edington Charitable Trust. 

26 Apr 2024

Strategy Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of the Museum's new Strategy 2024-27 which addresses how we will steer the Museum through the next three years.

7 Mar 2024

Further News Coverage of Flooding in Henley

Steve our Director has been further sharing his thoughts on the recent flooding and how to tackle it. Read the article with the link below.

1 Mar 2024

Guardian Article on Flooding at the Museum

The Museum was in The Guardian this week, with Steve our Director sharing his thoughts on the recent flooding. Read the article with the link below.

7 Feb 2024

Museum Update: February 7th 2024

This week, Director Steve O'Connor talks about funding, some of his favourite items in the Rowing Gallery, school visits, Henley Youth Festival and a snippet on what we have planned for future exhibitions.

2 Feb 2024

Museum Update: February 2024

Get up to date with the latest Museum news in this video update from our Director, Steve O'Connor.

A cafe scene with tables and chairs in bare wood, a rowing boat behind the counter and leafy green pot plants
12 Jan 2024

The Rowing Room Café

Enjoy delicious food and drinks in our new café, including baked goods from award-winning baker, Tim Goodwin.

22 Dec 2023

Reflecting on the Last Year

As we come to the end of 2023 and submit our annual accounts for the year ending March 2023, we reflect on all that has been done to re-open the Museum.

18 Nov 2023

It’s Our 25th Birthday!

10 Nov 2023

We’re Going to be on TV!

Exciting news for Bargain Hunt fans in Henley! Watch our Curator Cate tell Eric all about Henley Royal Regatta and more.

2 Oct 2023

Welcome to Steve O’Connor, Director

We welcome our new Director, Steve O'Connor, to the River & Rowing Museum.

18 Sep 2023

A Royal Launch

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