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Warren Kerley: On Reflection


Dive into the profound depths of life’s reflections. 'On Reflection' art exhibition, where life's intricate tapestry unfolds through abstract representations of experiences.

Each piece, crafted with heavy texture, mirrors the ebb and flow of existence, drawing from the powerful and tranquil nature of water. These artworks are a poignant exploration of life’s journey, where the dynamic movement in the art serves as a captivating reflection of personal experiences. Explore the paradoxical role of water—giver of life and harbinger of change—as it echoes the complex narratives embedded in the canvas of our existence.

Unique art pieces for both private collectors and bespoke commissions. Sculpture and painting are combined in his work. To capture both dramatic and calming movement, Warren uses a variety of texture techniques. As a result, each piece has an exaggerated, explosive depth to it.

The influence of all bodies of water, including the ocean, sea, river, and lake, is explored in his work. The strength and unknown depth of all forms of natural water inspires him to embark on an emotional quest to learn more. Attracted to water’s inherent energy Warren makes broad textured sculpture canvases that represent the water’s playful, but uncontrollable strength and power.

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