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The Space Vault

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see relics of human space exploration with your own eyes and discover Oxford’s story as the centre for UK space exploration.

The Space Vault Exhibition will showcase one of the UK’s largest private collections of space artefacts. Using immersive visuals and unique artifacts, visitors will travel through twelve curated stories of human space exploration. The exhibition incorporates rare and historic objects brought back to Earth from the lunar surface, low-Earth orbit and outer space, from NASA’s Apollo missions and the Soviet space era to the US and Russian space shuttle programs, International Space Station and SpaceX.

From the mission checklists that saved the crew of Apollo 13 when its oxygen tank exploded, to lunar dust from the Hadley Rille landing site of Apollo 15, you can experience incredible connections to this stellar story.

Image Credit: NASA.  CDR Dave Scott, Apollo 15.  Communications umbilical in image is on display in the Exhibition.

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