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I am a Rower


Lea Rowing Club, sitting on the River Lea in Hackney, is the only London rowing club not based on the Thames.

With a long history rooted in working men and women’s sport, the club’s ethos continues to be focused on promoting access to rowing for all. Initiatives to increase diversity in Lea R.C. squads, ranging from recreational to Henley-winning Performance athletes, include its ‘I Belong’ access project, designed to encourage people from the diverse local community to try the sport. This commitment to inclusion contributed to Lea R.C. being voted 2023 Rowing Club of the Year. Continuing this mission, the ‘I am a Rower’ exhibition features photos of club members in kit and everyday clothing, taken by photographer Chris Baker, displayed alongside written and audio stories – all of which aim to challenge and inspire a wider understanding of what it means to be a rower.



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Two men and a woman using tin plates to row a canoe in the 1930s
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