We're pleased to say that the Piper Gallery has now fully re-opened. Discover more about the artist John Piper

The Town of Henley

A long view through the Henley Gallery, with display cases on the left wall, a large boat on the right, and large signs for Henley on Thames and Henley Baths at height, before the light window at the end through which trees can be seen.
A long view down the Henley Gallery to a bright window. Display cases with objects including pots and prehistoric stone tools are on the visible wall and a rowing boat hangs from the ceiling above.

Wonderful exhibitions for all ages. Very impressed, don’t know why it’s taken so long for us to visit but we’ll be back soon!

Museum Visitor

Two rowers sculling on the River Thames in the sunshine with the town of Henley behind them, including the church tower

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Lucy Pocock Sitwell Rowing
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