We're pleased to say that the Piper Gallery has now fully re-opened. Discover more about the artist John Piper

The River Thames

A bright, white gallery with sunlight falling on a display of lock keeping objects. Other displays in the midground include a blue display on swan upping with costume, and an orange display about water power with images and text.
A woman and two men are looking at a large map display in a gallery, seen from between blue and white displays about water..

Loved the light airy feel of the museum as a whole. The views are as enjoyable as the exhibits.

Museum Visitor

The River Thames stretches into the distance until it disappears under Henley Bridge's arches. Small boats are moored alongside both banks, and a mixture of old buildings can be seen on the left bank with a church tower emerging from them. Ducks and geese swim on the river, and wooded hills can be seen in the distance.

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